Misconception on Imprisonment for Life in India

The term Imprisonment for life defined in Indian Penal Code,1872 is often wrongly understood by the society regarding the term of sentence which terminates after the completion of 14 years of imprisonment.

 But the actual meaning is the sentence lapses only after the death of the convict. 

The Apex court clarified several times that the sentence can only be commuted or terminated by certain provisions provided in the Code of Criminal Procedure,1973 and will not be terminated by default.


Mens-rea and Actus-reus

Mens-rea is a mental intention of the wrong doer whose intention is to cause damage to any party fraudulent or dishonestly. Mere Mens-rea is enough to punish a person and convict him. 

Actus-reus is a physical act that is to be performed by a person and that action should cause damage to the other. However there is an exception to the above statement, a person without any mental intention causes injury accidentally is not liable to be punished as there is no mens rea in the act.